One of the best things about your Haus of Havilah purchase is the multifunctional vessels! Come to the end of your candle journey? No worries we’ll show you how to repurpose your beautiful vessel!

Planter or Flower Vase
Want to jazz up your plants? Look no further than your Haus of Havilah vessel! Perfect for smaller plants such as succulents, simply repot your succulent into our beautiful vessel.
Fresh flower lover? Fresh cut flowers such as hydrangeas, are a perfect fit for our vessels.

Pen and Pencil Holder
 Be about your work but make it fab! Repurpose your vessel as a gorgeous  paper weight or pen and pencil holder!

Beauty & Wellness Storage
Blush, concealer, and shimmers oh my! What better accent to your vanity than our beautiful 9oz vessels as a functional centerpiece? Place your brushes, q-tips, cotton balls and more in your reusable vessel!
And exactly where do our bobby pins and hair tie go when we need them? Ugh! Your Haus of Havilah travel candle/discovery kit candle container is the perfect solution  to keeping even the pesky items together and easy to find!

Travel Accessories
Traveling soon? We all know how strict TSA can be, but no worries we have you covered!  Our discovery kit and travel containers can comfortably hold the TSA approved 3.4 oz of liquid, gel, cream or paste.