Welcome to Haus of Havilah!

Welcome to our Haus we’re so happy to have you. We know you’re wondering “Why Haus of Havilah?” are we right? Well we’d love to invite you to have a seat, light a candle and learn more about us!

Our passion for home decor and fragrance sparked in 2016, when our founder, Berica Robinson, noticed the need of sustainability in the decor and fragrance industry. What began as a fun creative outlet, quickly turned into an exploration of fragrance, design and practicality. While embarking on this journey Berica began my MBA studies in entrepreneurship and innovation. It was during this time she pivoted to create The Thread, a docu-series a docu-series highlighting the success, challenges and stories of black entrepreneurs, creatives and innovators. Creating and releasing the docu-series reignited her passion for fragrance and thus Haus of Havilah was born. 

 Convinced that sustainability and luxury design can thrive together, Haus of Havilah seeks to be a catalyst for change in the fragrance industry. Coupling sustainability with luxury we curate uniquely blended, cruelty and toxin free fragrance products pair with impeccably designed multifunctional vessels.

The story behind our name
From our Founder:
"During my MBA program, my best friend called one night and said she came across the name Havilah during her devotional time and felt compelled to share the name. After researching the name and place I resolved to keep it in my journal for a later date. Well fast forward 4 years later and the name perfectly aligned with our company values and inspired our brand colors. The  land of Havilah was a land located by the Phison river, the land was known for producing exceptional gold, onyx and aromatic resin. At Haus of Havilah we strive to offer amazing products to pay homage to the ancient land."

What you can expect
You can expect exceptional products coupled with superior customer service. We believe tranquility is essential to an exceptional life and strive to imbue that environment through our products and lifestyle brand. Meticulously designed with you in mind, breathe easy knowing our handcrafted products are toxin free with ingredients including naturally
blended coconut and apricot wax with phthalate free fragrances.

We’re happy you're here and look forward to you being a regular Haus Guest!